About dr Renata Szyszka

I have a strong personal belief that we are capable of curing any disease and heal all forms of suffering. I trust in providing comprehensive care to rare disease patients.

What sets me apart is the unique idea that the turbulent, timely and costly process of developing new therapy may become fun if we increase understanding of the blind person’s journey through deeper engagement and direct exposure. If we provide basic knowledge on the significance of the white canes, and importance of guide dogs, or if we accentuate the necessity of reading braille and emphasize the importance of assistive technology- allowing for empathy while maintaining high corporate & legal standards will make us stronger drivers for novelty & safety in the process of new therapeutics development.

When I close my eyes and try to live in complete darkness, without seeing all the once I love and who deeply care about me, without an ability to admire the beauty of a raising rainbow, yellow sun and bright stars on a summer night, I only hope that …it is temporary.

Your newborn baby – the love and life you poured into its tiny perfect body- is losing sight. She/he will enter the worlds of blank spaces in a few years. Like most parents, you have probably never known anyone who was blind. Yet, here you are.  A deficit in knowledge delays the diagnosis of this rare condition. It is genetic and there is currently no cure for it. – Now what?

Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA) is an inherited retinal disease that causes severe visual impairment in infancy or early childhood.

Dr Szyszka obtained her MS, with Honors, from the University of Gdansk in Poland and her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Drexel University in the USA, in 2012. She has broad experiences in Advancing Translational Sciences, with a focus on investigational technologies for the treatment of rare diseases. Being in her early 40s, she is leading in the strategic planning and global liaising for Advanced Translation for the LCA treatments worldwide. With her patient-centric approach, she is involved in bridging basic research and fundamental studies, with clinical implementation and post-market authorization.

Her most powerful attributes are global Executive Leadership and a deep passion for research and innovation. She develops businesses from bottom up. With her entrepreneurial mindset, she manages to gracefully turn monstrous obstacles into great opportunities. Humble as a person, with both feet strongly on the ground.

Excellence Recognition